LinkedIn For Locals

February 20, 2012

Amongst the various social networks available, we often overlook the local networks that we can easily and powerfully take advantage of. LinkedIn is a site that provides some very useful tools for local businesses through an online network.

There are several fields in LinkedIn which should be addressed and properly utilized to build a search friendly site and promote your network. One area is your current and past positions. You should always use words that people use to search for persons with your qualifications. You may even want to find former employers, colleagues, and connections from previous lines of work. When describing your experience, don’t settle for a simple description. Include details on how you bettered yourself through and during this position.

First, it’s important to write your profile in third party format. Search Engines don’t know who “I” is but they can find you by name.  And, you do want positive things to be found about you by name when people are searching for you online.  Be sure to focus on what you can do and how you can benefit people.

It is our job as professionals to connect the dots for people who are seeking us to do business with. Connecting the dots means that we answer the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) question for them and what our experience brings to the table.

Next, join groups.  You can join up to 50 groups with LinkedIn and I encourage you to do just that.  Groups are a wonderful way to bypass LinkedIn’s requirement that you must know someone’s email address or have worked or gone to school with them to make a connection.  When you are both members of a group, then you do have a similar connection – a common frame of reference so you can message them directly and you can engage and build your relationship with them.

LinkedIn provides a site where any business and any individual can easily create a profile that says “I’m someone to connect with.” With the right words and utilizing all of LinkedIn’s resources, you can create a powerful network for yourself.